About Us

Our History

Sunrise Soya Foods began after Leslie and Susan Joe immigrated to Canada where they recognized a demand for tofu in Vancouver’s Chinese community. In 1956, Leslie & Susan began making small batches of fresh tofu in the back of their grocery store, Sunrise Market, located on the border of Vancouver’s characteristic Chinatown neighbourhood (also known as Japantown). It did not take long for Leslie and Susan to develop a strong and loyal community following.  As demand for tofu products grew throughout the 60’s and 70’s, so did the size of their operation.

In 1983, factory space was purchased nearby to relocate and transition Leslie and Susan’s small tofu setup into a large scale manufacturing plant. Two years later, the production of packaged and pasteurized tofu enabled distribution to supermarkets across Western Canada.  

As Sunrise’s product lines expanded, the factory added more production equipment in the 1990’s, using 30,000 square feet of space to become Canada’s largest manufacturer of tofu.  In 2002, a new facility opened in Toronto to meet the growing demand for the full range of Sunrise products across North America.

From its humble beginnings of a “mom & pop” shop, Sunrise Soya Foods is proud to be an employer of over 200 Canadians. We are also proud to be one of the first companies committed to exclusively using non-GMO soybeans in our products.  Today, Leslie & Susan’s son and CEO, Peter Joe, continues the commitment to quality, health and community that his parents pioneered.  

Our Commitment       

At Sunrise Soya Foods, we are committed to give you the best. By combining Asian authenticity with modern technology, we strive for utmost freshness, taste, texture, and nutrition in all our trans-fat free, all natural, non-GMO soy products.  Our commitment is to knowing you have made a healthy, wholesome and delicious choice when you buy Sunrise Soya Foods! 

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the leading provider of high quality traditional and innovative tofu and soy products.  In producing great healthy products, we are keen to share how versatile using tofu in everyday meals can be.   As more people learn of the simplicity of eating healthy and deliciously with our tofu, we hope to find Sunrise Soya Foods products in every fridge!

Our Values

Our dedication to producing quality products parallels our commitment to fostering care of our workplace and community. To stay true and keep to commitment, we adhere to our values of:   

Customer Focus, Honesty and Integrity, Respect, Teamwork and Corporate Citizenship.

Goodness First®

Goodness First® encompasses our principles of integrity and our no-compromise attitude towards:

  • Health
  • Product quality
  • Taste
  • Food safety
  • Community
  • Environmental sensitivity