Banana Coconut Popsicle

Banana Coconut Popsicle

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Creamy and irresistible easy, this summer time treat has delicious written all over it

Servings: 4

easy Desserts Sunrise Banana Flavour Tofu Dessert (2x150g)

  • 5 minutes prep
  • 4-6 hours cook
  • 4 people


  • 1 pkg Sunrise Banana Flavour Tofu Dessert (2x150g) blended
  • 125 mL (1/2 cup) Coconut Milk
  • 15 mL (1 Tbsp) Sugar
  • 1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips, cut into small pieces
  • 30 mL (2 Tbsp) coconut oil


  1. Blend all ingredients in blender until smooth.
  2. Pour into popsicle molds or cups with a popsicle stick.
  3. Freeze for 4-6 hours. Overnight freezing is recommended.
  4. In a medium, microwave-safe bowl, mix together chocolate chips and coconut oil. Microwave on high for 30 seconds.
  5. Remove and stir. Continue microwaving and stirring in 15-second intervals until chocolate mixture has melted and is smooth.
  6. Let chocolate sit until it reaches room temperature. Dip popsicle into the chocolate mixture and let harden.

Calories: 120Fat: 7gSaturated Fat: 6gSodium: 5mgCarbohydrate: 12gSugar: 11gProtein: 3gCalcium: 6%Iron: 8%

As per one serving size (106g)